What Is Dance Music?

Dance music – it’s a phenomenon like no other. It affects billions of people around the world. That can’t be said about another genre in the same magnitude as dance music. Why is that? Because there are many different types of dance music and the music artform has evolved over the years.

Disco was dance.

Funk was dance.

Pop was dance.

Electro/R&B/Hip-Hop – all have elements of dance in them.

Dance music is life. Like it or not.

Dance music is the only type of music that can make you want to wiggle your body or tap your feet (or even nod your head) when you don’t even know the song or like the music genre.

It’s that powerful.

Dance music is defined in many different ways. It can be something that’s as simple as a four-on-the-floor beat with heavy synth sounds. It can also be as dynamic and changing and complex as Mozart.

If you’re into music, you probably love to dance (even if its only when no one else is looking.) And if you love to dance. you’re going to love dance music.

Welcome to the revolution.

We keeps it real.

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